Nested Modal Dialogs Not Working

I really like the RUNDIALOG statement. The help file implies nested dialogs are supported, but I’ve not been able to make them work - Panorama hangs when the second (top most) RESUME is executed and force quit only way out. Has anyone had success running a modal dialog on top of another one?

Native OS X doesn’t allow nested modal dialogs. There is nothing Panorama can do about that. (I believe nesting did work in Panorama 6, because that was using Carbon instead of Cocoa.)

If you can switch to a sheet instead of a standalone modal dialog, nesting does work. In most cases, sheets are more “OS X” like anyway. All you have to do is add the line


to the dialog options.

I first thought that maybe OS X didn’t consider nesting modal dialogs an acceptable user interface, but then I noticed the OS’s new folder option on the save file dialog does just that so it’s not a prohibited user interface element. I realize this is separate from whether the API allows it at the programming level.

In playing with sheets I’m finding RESUME {} still doesn’t work once the second dialog displays, though if the first dialog is a sheet then the ESC key works so force quit not needed.