Need to graph Panorama X output

Unlike Panorama 6, Panorama X doesn’t have a charting option. Is anybody using a graphing app that can import Panorama X data?

IMHO all charting apps are able to import CSV data that you would create with Panorama X.

I understand that - my question was, is anybody using one? Unspoken was the question, ‘Does anybody know of a good one?’ Preferably a freebie.

We Mac users have some free graphing apps on board: Numbers, Keynote.
MS Office users have Excel.
There are free graphing apps in the App Store, but I have not tested them.

And about the “good ones”: I prefer Excel over Numbers because it has some important features that I am missing in Numbers (e.g. inverted scale on the value axis – the way sports tables use it: rank 1 on top, the last rank at the bottom).

All good suggestions - thanks Kurt. I hadn’t considered the in-house options as I felt certain that there would be lots of better options available but I suspect that’s not true. I’ll try Excel because I’m reasonably skilled at writing Excel macros should the need arise.

Take a look at R. It’s free, it reads anything and it can make virtually any graph.

The letter “R” is kind of tough to google. Is this what you are referring to?

Or perhaps this?

Sorry, the main website is


Try “R. graph” and you get it all. Go here:

A quick look suggests that it could be an excellent adjunct to Panorama.

Thanks to Mark - it’s a remarkably professional-looking package for a freebie but it looks like it might have a fairly steep learning curve. I’ll give it a try.

It uses a GNU license, so it cannot be incorporated into Panorama.

However, I’ve been looking further at, and it looks really exciting.

If I’m understanding correctly, it really doesn’t have anything to do with R, other than the fact that they have an interface for R. But it’s a standalone package written in JavaScript. It’s fully open source under the MIT license, which means that it could be embedded into Panorama X. And it appears that it would be relatively easy to incorporate into Panorama via a web browser object. In fact, I believe this could be done by an ambitious Panorama user now, with no changes to Panorama. If I didn’t have months of backlog already I’d drop everything and jump on this right now – it looks like a lot of fun. As it is, I’ve spent the last hour or so on this, I need to get back to work :frowning:

Checking in to see the status of restoring at least the charting functions of Pano 6. Thanks.

I’m not planning on working on charts until after Panorama X Server is released.