Need to Force Quit after adding a record

When I add a new record to a database, the database will not then close nor will PanoramaX quit (so I need to Force quit, which loses the added data).

Exploring a bit … if I open the database and make no changes, the database closes and PanoramaX quits as expected.

If I open the database, edit an existing record, the database closes and PanoramaX quits as expected.


There have not been any other reports of this problem.

Does this happen with any database, or just one particular database?

So does this mean that after you add the record you were able to type data into that record?

Note that using force quit doesn’t always mean data loss. Panorama auto-saves frequently, so it’s quite possible that data would be saved even if you do a force quit. Of course it isn’t guaranteed to be saved in that situation.

What happens if you save immediately after adding the record?

Jim —

Thanks for the quick response.

Following up on your questions and suggestions … if I Save prior to closing the database (after adding/editing data), the database will close normally.

(along the way, I repeated the issue with another database, but could not repeat with a New empty database. I was able to add data to the added record.]

In any case, by using Save before closing, it is working.

In case any of this helps …