Need an advisor to setup my first database

I don’t know where else to turn. I will pay someone who can setup my first X database. Been using Panorama since 1985 in Classic mode. I’ve created a simple database I need to share with others remotely. I’m just lost. Please give me a price to set this up for me and make a Snagit or Loom video showing me how, in the future, to create a Panorama database and share it with others. I can’t figure out how the Server works; how to get others to share; etc.

I’m just lost. My database only has about 100 records so far. I just need to get this right. Thank you. Let me know your price. I appreciate your help. My name is Trace Coats.


There is no server for Panorama X. There is a server in the works but, for now, it is single user only.

Thank you, Jeff. Years ago I used a server and every time someone in my office connected to the database we’d sync it. I noticed that Jim still have a synchronize function, so I thought I could share my X database with other users I shared it with and we’d be able to sync each time we opened it?

That menu option is there for the future version that will have a server, but at the moment it doesn’t do anything. I guess perhaps it should produce an error message or something, but when the next release comes out it will have a server version, as Jeff mentioned. If you want to share your databases with remote versions you will need to do some special setup with your router and network configuration, just as had to be done in the past with the Panorama 6 server.