Navigation Problems

I use the following procedure to navigate from one database to another in PanX (this worked until recently - just got back from my Hawaii vacation):

local lvfolder
if info(“files”)="Departments" 
    opensecret lvfolder+"Departments"
    window "Departments:Secret"
     OpenForm "D Data Entry"
     OpenFile  lvfolder+"Departments"

When I run this procedure, it will close the open database (Retention Schedule) and Open the “Departments”. But while in “Departments” I click the procedure to open the “Retention Schedule” – and it doesn’t open. Quitting Pan and clicking either database from the desktop – neither will open. I have to open another database and use the “View Organizer” to reopen both.

I also used my original Pan6 procedure just to double check:

local lvfolder
OpenForm "Data Entry"
OpenFile  lvfolder+"Departments"

It closes the active database and opens the one I want, but the database I closed will no longer open - unless I use the view organizer.

I have edited your post to make the code clearer. If you indent everything by 4 spaces, it will format as code.

Your procedures just have save followed by closefile. There was a recent discussion about this –

So maybe you have run into this same bug. I have fixed the bug, but a version with the fix has not been released yet.

Ahhhhhh, OK. I’ll indent my code and wait for the next release - thanks