Navigate to different record from a form

Is it possible to navigate to a different record from a form. I would like to be able to got to a particular record the same way FilemakerPro does. The first field in my DB is call RecordID and it goes from 1 to 364. On my form I have put a TEO along with a slider and a stepper, all to change a variable named rec_count. I have put a small bit of code in the code panel of each object that does a find of that rec_count value in the first column.

find rec_count

I want to be able to go to a different record with this scheme, but nothing happens.

The code you need is

find RecordID=rec_count

You don’t need the first_column statement, it doesn’t matter what field is current.

i have put that in for all three objects but all of the records are still visible in the datasheet when I change their number, Neither find nor select will work.

The find statement isn’t going to affect the visibility of records in the data sheet, only move the current record to a different spot.

Beyond that I really can’s say without more information.

but I can see that the active record is not changing in the datasheet and my form informatoin (which is based on datasheet fields) is static as well.

and my find statement does not change the active record

I’m guessing that your RecordID field is set to numeric while your rec_count variable is text. If this is the case, change your formulas to:

find RecordID=val(rec_count)

You were right, as usual. Thanks for your help and patience, oh PanX Master!