Mysterious Timer ∂InitializePanorama error:

I frequently receive this console message if I start PanX b9 by clicking an alias for a PanX database.

Timer ∂InitializePanorama error:Compress error (failed to compress 
BECAUSE OF POSIX SCRIPT ERROR->tar: Removing leading '/' from member names


If I start PanX by double-clicking the application, then start the db, I do not get a message. I thought I would pass this along; it does not mean anything to me and I can not see any negative effects from it.

Seems like it is trying to compress a crash report to send it to the provue server. Had you experienced a crash?

It would be helpful if you could get this to happen with logging for the COMPRESS statement enabled, which you can do with this link.


You will also need to enable instrumentation while starting up option.

When done you should turn this option back off because otherwise it could slow down the startup process.