Mysterious invisible window

I seem to have an invisible window in a converted database. In the screenshot I have no idea what the window “EasyContact:folder list” is. I do have one drop down set for a field with a list of what category data is tagged as, I call them folders but they are not really that at all, it’s just a value in a cell.

How do I make this mysterious window visible?


It is a visible window — otherwise it would not appear in the Windows menu. It may be a small window behind your front window. It is a procedure window (with a procedure that does not appear in the Action menu, because the procedure’s name starts with a “.”).

Simply use the Windows menu, activate the window, close it, and then save your database.

KJM… I did all that, the window does not appear and is nowhere to be found.

First you want to look in the View menu to make sure this window belongs to a procedure and not a form. Make sure the window is listed in the Window menu and then run this procedure:

window "EasyContact:.folderlist"
If info("windowname")="EasyContact:.folderlist"
    windowbox "100 100 400 400"
    openprocedure "EasyContact:.folderlist" // change to openform if it is a form

This should force the window to resize on screen.

Even if the window should be placed offscreen, it should be possible to activate it. Does the Windows menu show it with the checkmark set? Then close it and save the database.

Another way: You can adjust the position of the window procedurally.

window ".folderlist"
zoomwindow 100,25,200,500

Got it, thanks guys, all fixed.