My fingers hurt finding 42 items in the same field

I use Panorama X to open large text files, manipulate them, and export them. In this case, I need to find all the transactions from 42 different employees (a subset of about 100 employees and 16,000 transactions). In Classic, when I went to Search and added a new line to type the next person’s name, the same field that I needed automatically came up, but in X, I need to select the field on each new search line. As you can imagine, doing this 42 times is not fun.

The text files I import and the fields I search on are different each time so writing a procedure would not work. Is there a better way to do this?

Thanks for your help!


You could write a one statement procedure right there on the spot.

Select arraycontains(
"First Person
Second Person
Third Person
Forty-Second Person", FieldName,cr())
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The Classic search panel was limited to 6 items, so you definitely did not do this with 42 different items. For that matter, I’m not sure the new search panel will allow 42 rows. Maybe if you expand the height of the dialog enough.

As Dave suggested, procedures are super easy to create and discard. I routinely make a temporary procedure for tasks like this, then delete it when I’m done.

One possible enhancement to Dave’s code, I suggest adding the line

startdatabasechange "allrecords"

at the top. If you do this, you’ll be able to use the Undo command to reverse the effect of this code.

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Thank you both! I didn’t get a notification that there had been any replies, so I thought I’d check, and found your helpful answers. I have another question but I will start a new subject for it (re: searching for ASCII characters). Thanks again, Zhava