Multiple summary tiles in report

I’m realising that I’ve forgotten more than I ever learned about summary tiles on reports and the changes in Panorama X don’t help that at all. I can’t find anything about report tiles in the training videos - is there anything?

In the absence of that I’m teaching myself from the ground up and it’s a slow process.

I’m still not getting there - this is so elementary that it’s embarrassing. I’m trying to set up a report which will look like this:

Farm improvements
Chemical spraying $110.00
Culverts $473.00
Fencing $11,461.87

with sub-totals and a grand total. I set the data up with this code:

field ItemCategory groupup
field «Gross cost» total
field «GST paid» total

field ItemSubCategory groupup
field «Gross cost» total
field «GST paid» total
outlinelevel 1
field ItemCategory propagateup

and my report form looks like this:


but the result I get is this:

where the summary totals are OK but I can’t get the summary headings (like ‘Cartage & fees’ or ‘Cattle medicines’ to appear on the report.

What am I missing?

I’m not 100% sure, but I think the problem may be that you are not printing any data records. Your prep routine includes

outlinelevel 1

so there are only summary records included in the database. The header records only print when starting to printing the first data record in a section.

In fact, your report isn’t including any data tile at all. I’m kind of surprised that anything is printing, I thought a data tile was required, guess I misremembered that. Maybe it was a Panorama 6 requirement?

Anyway, apparently you don’t want to print data records, so I would suggest taking out the outlinelevel statement and including a zero height data tile.

Also, I believe Panorama will only print one header at a time. So when a level two section starts, it will print Group Header (2) but not Group Header (1). So the design of Group Header (2) should incorporate both level 1 and 2.

BTW, there are no videos for custom reports, but as of version 10.2 the written documentation is complete. Here’s the starting page for this topic:

I don’t think so - I have certainly produced multi-level reports in Panorama that contained only summary data but that was probably back in about Panorama 3.

I checked out the Help wizard but managed to miss the Reports page - I was focussing on ‘tiles’.

I’ll try the zero-height Data tile - thanks Jim.

And I remember discovering this way back in Panorama 1!

I now have working report forms for two and three-level summaries - the key was to have a zero-height Data tile (as explained in the Help wizard!) but there were a couple of other tricks as well. Is anybody interested in seeing a brief documentation of the processes or am I the only dill around here?

One more thing - Panorama 6.0 had a widow/orphan feature in its Report Preferences pane that enabled the user to avoid dividing a group or summary across a page boundary. Am I correct in thinking that no such feature exists in Panorama X and is not likely to in the future?

You are correct.

and is not likely to in the future?

Not the near future, for sure. Possibly farther down the line.

Coming into this at a later date, rather than starting a new thread. I am doing fine in producing a report of summaries, but would like to have two of the same reports (annual report) on the same page, similar to the making of mailing labels. I am only using Header, Summary (1), Summary (2) and Footer tiles.

If this can’t be done, not a big issue, as I can do a copy and paste into pages and produce it, but it would be nice if possible, as we give out annual financial reports to our church and two on one page saves paper…

Happy New Year to all!

Sorry, it’s not possible to print two reports on a single page.

My Print Dialog offers printing multiple “pages” per “sheet,” above and beyond two sided printing. That could help save paper with multipage reports but wouldn’t let you print two separate reports one one page. However; you said you could copy and paste the reports into Pages and thus produce the desired effect. You might be able to automate that via an AppleScript triggered by a PanoramaX procedure. My AppleScripting is too rusty to offer filling in the blanks, but IIRC copy and paste are part of its Standard Suite, so it’s probably doable.

Another option, requiring less programming, but more mechanical skill, would be to design your first report to print just on the top half of the page and your second one just on the bottom half. Then feed the paper through your printer once for each.

My query was only to see if something like a label setup could work, but common sense should have given me the answer, which is what Jim, said…No. I did a copy and paste into Pages and since this is a once a year operation, no need to try anything differently. Works just fine. Thanks for the responses, as I appreciate that as well.