Multiple Form Pages - Possible?

I’m working with Pan 6, and trying to create a multiple-page form.

I’m working with some PDF’s which have been used to print paper copies for my organization.
To preserve the look, and save some time (or so thought) I converted the PDF documents into image files, and pasted them into a Pan form editor. Well, one pasted, but Pan throws a “not enough memory to create this object” error.
Any ideas?

Is it possible to create multiple-page forms in Pan 6?

Last thought - I’ve restricted the document to 8.5/11 inches.


I made a quick test for myself. I used a PDF form (DIN A 4, 123 kB) and converted it into a 300 dpi JPG file. Now it was 2.5 MB in size.

I think you better use the rectangle tool in to copy the contents of your PDF file. Paste it into your form.

I would suggest that moving from pdf to any graphic format (jpg,png,gif,etc) is the wrong choice. The size will often increase and the clarity or resolution of the print out will often suffer, sometimes in extremely significant ways.

Thanks for your replies. I have noticed the file size increase, and pasting multiple images is a tedious way to update the form should the field names change.

How does Pan 6 handle printing forms with multiple pages? Will it run off a page at a time, or will it compress the form onto one sheet?

I tried to print a long form the other day, and got only the viewing rectangle printed, with no delineation for where each page was supposed to start and stop.

In Graphics Mode, when you activate the Tile Tool, the dialog offers a Specialized Tiles option. In that window you can create up to 9 Data Tiles. There are other options too, but using multiple Data Tiles allows you to create a pretty big form and it does print all the pages.

Maybe you want to read about it in the Panorama Essentials PDF documentation. It is well documented in the chapter “Custom reports” starting on page 501.

The options built into Panorama are pretty good for multiple vertical pages. For multiple horizontal pages, I have made multiple forms (a left page and a right page) and set up a procedure to print them. They need to be collated manually, though.