Multi line field titles


Is there some way to have long field titles in the data sheet on several lines to make the field width narrower?



No, and that is not a planned feature for the future.

Panorama X uses an Apple feature called NSTableView to display the data sheet (as well as other columnar data, including Text List and Matrix objects). NSTableView is Apple’s standard solution for displaying tabular data is also used by Apple itself for things like the Finder’s List View, as well as by hundreds (perhaps thousands) of other Mac programs for displaying tabular data. Apple has spent decades optimizing that code, and we want Panorama to take advantage of that both for performance and to make sure that Panorama works the same way as other standard Mac programs. If Apple ever adds multi-line column titles to NSTableView then we will probably incorporate that feature, but I think it is very unlikely that they will do so. The last time Apple made a significant change to NSTableView was in OS X 10.8.

So does NSTableView have a method to redraw text lists and matrix objects on forms?

Thanks Robert, but I don’t think I can use any of those functions within the Pan X app.