Moving records up and down datasheet

Not sure if I am missing something or you can’t do this in Pan X. I want to move a record up a few places in the datasheet. In Pan 6 you can do that by pressing option-command and then using the arrow keys. Doesn’t seem to work in Pan X. Is there a way to do this without having to code?


Pete Schuder

You can use Cut Record and Paste Record, from the Records menu.

Sweet. Another item that be replicated to make use of that old muscle memory. :slight_smile:

Robert Ameeti

Are you saying that that is the only way of moving records about? This replicates going to the sidebar on Pan 6 and doing the copy and paste or cut and paste. It certainly would be a lot nicer if you can just do as I described and how you could do it in Pan 6. The other method is too much like Excel.