Moving from an old Enterprise to a different install

I had to unregister an old Enterprise installation on a very unreliable computer (Snow Leopard 10.6) and install Enterprise on a newer computer (Mojave 10.14). All is working except the files are not being recognized by the client Panoramas. On a client, if I choose Download Shared Databases from the Wizards/Sharing menu, the files do not display, thus, some name is not linked correctly.

I am thinking that I’ve not properly named the Enterprise server, perhaps the Sharing name, or some the ‘address’ (which is actually a name in the Enterprise Server Activity Monitor ‘eppc://xxxxxxx’

Where can I find the correct names that I need within the existing shared files or perhaps the Extensions or prefs on the server?

Robert, As far as I remember, the"Server Name (Bonjour)" on the server activity monitor has to be the same as it was on the 10.6 Mac. The eppc:// is the network name which gets assigned when you choose the network, which is usually the Admin user name used on the computer.

This is correct. If you don’t remember what that name was, I don’t think there is any tool to look at the file and tell you what name it was looking for. Maybe when you double click it will tell you it can’t fine the server “name”? I’m guessing not since in that case you won’t be asking.

If the old server is still running, you can get the name you need from the Server Activity Monitor, which is also where you will set it on the new compuer.

The eppc:// address will be different because it is a different machine. That’s ok. The Server Name is what must be the same as before.

The new install has the exact same Server Name (Bonjour) as the old install had. I did make the ‘Address’ identical as well as there was dash in the new vs no space in the old name but that did not change anything.

The only difference that I can see if that the old had the Zone: ‘Internet’ as Sharing ‘yes’ while the new install has it as ‘no’. As the files are only being shared on the local network at this time, I am not thinking that is the problem. When I attempt to click on the ‘no’ to change it to ‘yes’ I get a dialog stating 'Failed to install CGI (could not copy file).

That is probably the problem. The “local” method uses Apple Events, and I think it doesn’t work on recent versions of macOS. Also, Panorama 6 will not automatically install the CGI on macOS 10.14 (I think it stopped working on 10.12 or 10.13). It’s quite a complicated messy process to install the CGI on these recent versions. I have no idea where my notes are on how that is done – I think probably on a computer that is in storage.