Moving cursor within field

Just ran a very simple survey asking people for their mailing address. About 40% of them decided that didn’t include their name. There is no other name field in the survey, though I can look them up, so I have their names.

Just trying to write an insanely simple procedure to copy the name, open the address field, MOVE CURSOR to left side of field (manually I hit the left arrow key), paste the name, and a •• or something to mark a line feed in later output.

I can’t seem to find a way to move the cursor. Must be here somewhere…

Might this work?
LET x=Addressfield
LET y=Name

Brilliant! And so elegant, too. Thanks cmcp, you just saved me a lot of time, and I learned something (if I can only remember it until next time I need it…)

Great job of reading the question Craig! Before I saw your answer I was concentrating on the MOVE CURSOR part of the question and not really seeing that what Stan really wanted to do was super simple.

However, I think it can be even more simple: