Movie formats supported

Does Panorama “Classic” support MP4 video playback?
If so, how does that work?

(I’m guessing not – I only see Quicktime’s “mov” container mentioned anywhere. :slight_smile: )


– Mark

I think it works, but I’m not sure. Panorama doesn’t actually implement video playback itself, it uses QuickTime. I think QuickTime will support .mp4, but I’m not 100% sure. If it does work, it would be using a Super Flash Art object, exactly the same as with a .mov file.

thanks for the reply.

It does not seem to like “mp4” files … even though QuickTime opens and plays them just fine.

I’m probably missing something important that triggers it to run – or simply show a “control bar”.

I have a sample db – I’m sure I’m just doing something dumb.
Is there a place to upload it so you can see it?
This does not work with either Panorama 6.x or Panorama X.


– Mark

You can just mail it to me Mark.

By the way, Panorama X Image Display objects don’t work with movies. I am planning on adding an object specifically for movies. In the meantime, you should also be able to use the Web Browser object to display movies.

I found that, if I changed the file extension from .mp4 to .mov, I could play it in a flash art object. It appears that Panorama has to recognize the extension as something QuickTime will play, before it will ask QuickTime to play it.

That did the trick.
So – now I need to rename files just before playing. LOL!
Thanks, Dave!