Move to last record on scroll down / End key?

In Panorama 6, when I move to the end of a data sheet using either the End key on my keyboard (actually, fn + right arrow) or the scroll bar, the app makes the last record the currently selected record - so if I type fn-right arrow, and then up arrow, I’m on the second to the last record.

Similarly, if I scroll or fn-left arrow to get to the start of the data sheet, the first record becomes the current one.

Is there any way to mimic this behavior in Panorama X? I use it a lot.


The way that Panorama 6 did this was wrong. No other well behaved Macintosh application changes the active selection when these keys are pressed, or when scrolling. This was just one of the many reasons that many users considered older versions of Panorama to be “weird”. In writing Panorama X, making it a well behaved application that follows standard Mac guidelines was a top priority.

That said, Panorama is also very flexible, and you can mostly get it to work the way you want by running this program.

definehotkeys "Global", "HOME", |||firstrecord|||
definehotkeys "Global", "END", |||lastrecord|||

If you want this to run automatically every time your database opens, put this code in the .Initialize procedure of your database. As written above, it will affect all databases. If you want this only for the current database, change “Global” to “FileGlobal”.

I created this code using the Hotkey Workshop, which you can read about here:

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"many users considered older versions of Panorama to be “weird” – But Jim we grew up with “weird” so it didn’t seem weird to us. Nor do we care about guidelines if the Pan way of doing it from the late 1980s was better. Apple/Mac have made a huge number of idiotic decisions, don’t get me started. In other words, I am not convinced at all, in fact, am negatively affected, if I’m told that it is the Mac guideline influencing a bad change.

In choosing the Apple platform (as opposed to Windows or Linux) you take both its good and bad. You’re certainly free to gripe about the latter, but part of the latter is that Apple doesn’t noticeably respond to our gripes! With Windows or Linux you’d likely have different gripes. And what Apple does certainly affects what its developers do and can do.

Jim faced the business reality that satisfying a small loyal cohort of long time users wasn’t going to be enough. Plenty of defunct software illustrates that. He needed additional, new customers to sustain Panorama. Experience was showing they weren’t buying what they perceived as “weird.” To keep the software alive, albeit reincarnated, we long time users were going to have to proceed through the Kübler-Ross stages of software death over Panorama 6. PanX goes quite a way to ease the transition and this forum offers a lot of help for when you get stuck. Panorama, in version X, is still an unusually configurable program; many things can be done similar to version 6. But you’re probably going to have to learn some new tricks.

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It wasn’t just Panorama that was “weird”. Did you ever meet any of the motley support crew?

And it galls me that I have to scrunch my fingers up to hit Command C or V while the PC allows the nice spacing provided by the control key. Apple messed that one up.

And Apple’s long standing support of FileMaker while ignoring Panorama was a HUGE mistake.

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