Mount Network Volume

Before digging into it myself, I’m wondering if anyone has a script to mount a folder from another computer on the network, or more specifically, the server on a shared system.

I need to have a folder of other types of documents available on client machines and want to have Panorama take care of making the folder available.

Doh! I discovered that I answered this very question two years ago.

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Just a couple of days ago I saw a tweet from someone that said he had Google’d to find the answer to a question, and the third result was from a book that he himself had written! (and it contained the answer he needed).

I’m guessing you don’t remember where you originally found this answer. I’m wondering how it works, and what the heck role awk is playing in this. I notice that Gary also posted a similar answer that used grep, when is in some ways similar to awk (disclosure, I’ve never used awk, but I’ve heard of it, and actually saw a talk recently that discussed awk for about 20 minutes). I’m guessing that Panorama itself could perform whatever text processing is being done here, possibly resulting in cleaner, more understandable code. I may play with this as this would be useful to me.

I’ve been trying to figure awk out myself. I wouldn’t have brought it up before if I didn’t know something about it then, but you know, two years is a lot of water under the bridge in the meantime and I sure don’t know where I was using it.

I found a far easier way than anything I’ve tried before and it works.

In AppleScript:
mount volume “afp://MacPro.local/Macintosh HD”

Unfortunately that doesn’t work for me :sleepy: I get an error that the server isn’t available. I also tried using smb: instead of afp:. I can mount the drive thru the Finder with no problem.

Curious. It’s working 100% of the time for me on two CPUs - both on Big Sur but that shouldn’t matter.