Morph From Field Menu Dialog

What I want to do quickly and easily is quite simple. From a Form in a selected number of records I simply war to Fill In a Filed with a text value. In Pan 6 “Apple =” keys got things rolling. I asked about this before but I have one more question.

In a Form when I go Field Morph I get two choices. And then the "fun"begins for me. In the data sheet I get much more comprehensive set of options and I simply can select “Fill with Value”. I even have a hot key set up thanks to Dave and Jim’s tutoring.

From the options in a form when calling on the Morph statement it’s a lot of mousing around with no simple choice to just get miserable text string in the field. And the Hot Key Command does not work. Likely because in that window the menu command does not exist.

So I am forced it seems to call up the Data Sheet, then scroll around to get to the field I want, then either use the menu pull down commands “Field” “Morph” and “Fill with Value” or use the Hot Key that I set up.

Is this the way it is?


Yes, it is.

The operations in the Morph menu that aren’t available in a form all operate on the currently selected field. In the data sheet you can always set the currently selected field, it is obvious which field is selected, and the results of the Morph are immediately evident.

Depending on how a form is constructed, it’s not always possible to see what field is selected, and the current field might not even be displayed. So it’s very easy to accidentally run one of these operations on the wrong field and not even be aware of it. I really don’t want to receive support calls crying because years of data were accidentally destroyed without any indication. So these operations are removed from the menu when a form window is active.

If you really want to perform these operations in a form, you can easily write a program to do so, with only one or two lines of code. That would be my recommendation for you.