Morph Error on Shared DB

In a shared database of 38,000 records, using Morph to Fill with a Value, the wrong field was filled. Using it with Morph to Fill with a Formula also filled the wrong field. It was repeatable and after a Quit, it carried over to another session and was again repeatable.

Screenshot 2024-05-02 at 10.28.16 AM

Screenshot 2024-05-02 at 10.34.01 AM

The field named Entered was the active field and was correctly identified in the dialog. Each time, the first field in the file, a field named Name, was erroneously filled.

It worked properly when using a procedure: Field Entered Fill today()

Then in another session, I tried it on a field named Modified and it worked. Then it also worked in the original Entered field.

I’d have to agree on that.

FYI, I would never do that. If I needed to do that, I would use new generation and fill the value while it was temporarily in single user mode. I would never use morph or fill to modify more than 1% of the database records. If you are filling all records, I would treat that just as if I was adding or deleting a field. I believe that synchronization of all records will be much slower than doing a new generation. The synchronization system is optimized for changes to a small number of records at a time. Yes, it will work if you change all records, but it is not optimized for that.

Jim, server update off and on still works doesn’t it?

That’s a completely different question. @JamesCook obviously wanted to permanently change the database. Server update off is used if you just want to do the fill locally on the current client, but never have those changes transfer over to other clients. In other words, for scratch or temporary operations.

It wasn’t obvious to me. He didn’t say if he was filling a subset or all of the 38000 records, just that the database contained 38,000 records. He also said he tried to fill with a formula. Wouldn’t it be better to use serverformulafill?

I was trying to add an initial date that had been omitted to all 38,000 records in the db. It took less than ten seconds and, aside from doing it to the wrong field, it seemed that Fill was the easy way to go.

Keep in mind that there will be an additional delay for each client the next time they synchronize. It’s possible that the delay might even be more than 10 seconds.

Yes, I think serverformulafill would be significantly faster than 10 seconds. However, that will not speed up the synchronizes needed for each client.