Morph Error Dialog

While doing quite a bit of heavy number crunching using Morph, I got the dialog below a few times when I clicked on the Morph button of the Morph window. Most of the time Morph worked fine, but after getting these errors, the Morph window wouldn’t open on a subsequent effort but would after that. I chose to Quit before resuming my work.

Screen Shot 2021-01-05 at 6.36.41 AM

You are saying that this alert appeared when the Morph dialog was already open? And you were pressing the Morph button in the dialog to perform the morph operation and close the dialog? Wow, I can’t imagine why that would happen.

Yes, it was after I entered my formula and pressed Morph - and more than once over a period of a few hours.

Did it keep doing it after you quit and relaunched?

Each time I got the error I chose to relaunch. So yes, it ocurred after re- launching.

Have you tried downloading a fresh copy of Panorama?

I have not but I will do that