More Useful Structure for Online Materials

I think it would be extremely helpful to have the help topics grouped in a way that better matched how databases are built and used. For example, a sections titled ‘Building Reports’ or ‘Syntax.’ Being new to Panorama I can attest that it is challenging having to jump around a bunch of linked articles. I’m finding that many times I don’t know what I should look for. It would be much more useful if the content progressed more like a book.

Maybe what you want is already there: The blue button in the Search field of the Pan X Help contains a menu with about 20 chapters.

Thanks, but I’d say it isn’t quite ‘book’ like. My examples of reports and syntax still apply. Just a suggestion.

Well, as a new user might you be interested in the main chapters “Basics” and “Tutorials”. — I know a lot of programs but only very few that are so well documented like Panorama X.