More trouble in stepping through procedure

I am trying to step through the following code:

local first, last, nm, addr, cit, st, zp, cou, ph,ser,wksh,awi,em,form, recChanged
first=«First Name»
last=«Last Name»
nm=«First Name»+«Last Name»
Openfile "New Panx Alex Mail"
[more stuff]

When I step through this, everything works as expected up to the line before the Openfile statement (i.e. all the variables’ assignments are reported at the bottom of the procedure window). At that point, the procedure loops back to the beginning. (Yes, New Panx Alex Mail is open.)

However: when I just run the procedure, it all executes correctly as expected. So it does seem to be a problem with the stepping gadget in PX.

Thanks for looking at it.

I’m having lots of the same trouble, and unfortunately it’s not very consistent. Like Bill, I often find that a procedure performs differently (or dies in a different place) if I step through it rather than Run it. What’s frustrating is the way the procedure will loop back to the beginning at some point in the code, with no error message and no idea why it needed to do that. Sometimes it will Step or Run past this point, only to do its loopback from further down. It’s really hard to debug a procedure when you can’t get any clear feedback as to what part of it is succeeding or failing. I’m having a particular issue with this trying to debug a procedure that worked in Pan 6, but I will discuss that in a separate topic.

I’ve had this problem in Pan 6 occasionally, but never to the degree I’m seeing it in X.