.ModifyRecord not working

I have a .ModifyRecord that is not triggering when the field is modified. There is no code in the Code section of Field Properties for that field.

What might I be missing?

Is the field being modified manually or via a procedure or something in the Fill menu? Only manual field modifications will trigger this automatic procedure. Actually just opening the field for editing and closing with or without making any real modification will trigger the .ModifyRecord procedure.

Hmmm. It has not been working for several weeks and I’ve just now recognized it as the procedure was responsible for making ‘journal’ entries that only were for later debugging.
After having put in some Message statements to debug it, it then a short time later presented a Message statement, and after acknowleging the Message, Panorama crashed. This happened 3 or 4 times, then it is all now working again as desired. Not sure what has changed but it took a bit of shaking up (crashing) to get it working again as it once was.