Modifying Single Random Field in a Group of Selected Records

This seems simple enough but I’m stuck.

I want to be able to execute a procedure onto any field I have selected amongst a population of selected records.

In my specific case as elementary as Capitalize each word.

I could use the Morph Field Dialog but that changes every selected record for that field.

I can get the name of the Field and assign the name to a local variable «LFieldName»:


But now how do I execute an upperword(Text) formula where Text is the data in the Field that is named «LFieldName» in that Singular Record out of a Population of Selected Records?

Of course I could select only the record that I am in but that is a pretty inelegant hack.


Info(“fieldname”) will return the name of the active field, so if it’s a given that you want to do that in the current record, in the current field, you don’t actually need the name of that field. All you need is this.

«» = upperword(«»)

«» refers to the current cell.

Bless you Dave.

Merci beaucoup.