Modify Line Items

I’m re-discovering line items. I’ve made an invoice database with almost no effort. However, now I’ve decided to slightly adjust the way I have the fields interact with each other, and also change one of the field properties from text to a number. In the past, if you adjusted a line item, you would receiving an alert asking if you wanted to adjust all fields in the line items (ie Amount 1, Amount 2, Amount 3 etc) or just the field you were in. This doesn’t seem to be happening in X.2. I’ve tried to find a blue print, but I created the line items as I created the database, so the create line item dialog is blank when I open it???

Panorama X won’t do that.

For formulas, just put the formula in the first line item. Panorama X will automatically use that formula for all of the corresponding line item fields. If you need to change the formula, you can just change it in that one place and it will apply to all. The same thing happens for code – just put it in the first line item. But for other field properties, like the data type, you have to make the change manually for each line item field.

Or … you could write a short temporary program, something like this:

for suffix,1,12
    field "Item"+suffix
    setfieldproperties initializedictionary("TYPE","Float")

I just updated the line item documentation a couple of days ago, so this web version is more up-to-date than the one in your copy of Panorama.

This documentation shows how to build line items from a template and how to add additional line items.

It doesn’t contain the information above about how to write a program to change the properties though, that might be a nice addition to this page. In fact, maybe there could be a statement that does this for you all in one line.