Modal window cannot be dismissed

I am opening a modal window with an .initialize script. The window is normally dismissed after a period of time and has no manual dismissal mechanism.
I made a scripting error which causes the window to open, followed by a script failure, which stops script execution. The open modal window prevents me from doing anything further.
What is my best choice for accessing the .initialize script to correct it.?

From the File menu choose Find & Open… and right click the problem file in the list and choose Open Data Sheet Only from the popup. This will open the file without running the .Initialize procedure.

As a safe guard on these types of windows I usually include a small invisible button in the top left corner with a closewindow statement in the Procedure panel. After I’m sure everything is working as expected I can remove the button or just leave it there “in case”.

Thanks Gary but I am unable to find a Find & Open in the File menu. I assume you mean within the Finder with Panorama shut down. I am running Ventura and not sure if that changes anything. Sorry for my stupidity but your instructions are very clear and I don’t want to screw things up

No. He is talking about a menu in Panorama, with no open database, or some other open database.

Help page for the Find & Open feature:

Instead of only using an invisible button bailout, I’d condition the close action with an additional key-down trigger, like the Cmd or Ctrl key. Sure, if it’s just me at home, I’m usually not prone to unintentional clicks. But if someone else were to get their mitts on the file, they could inadvertently click that invisible button and get a surprise.

I’m thinking of people who, when confronted with the least possible confusion, start clicking everything. Many times, when asked for a visit by a friend who coincidently has a computer problem, and they are frantically clicking everything in sight, I have to say, firmly, “Step away from the mouse.”

I do like hidden features that aid in access to design and debugging. Many times I have had to work with someone else’s file that has the standard menus locked up. It does keep the user out of some mischief but makes it very difficult for a third party to track down errors or make necessary changes.

It’s nice when investigating the logic, I see, in a procedure, that I just have to hold down an option key to close a window that doesn’t normally allow closing. Or launching with a key/s down brings back the full Panorama menu set.

When you lock stuff up (modal, etc.) it seems to always give rise to the adage, “The only thing that’s constant is change.”