Missing Items In Wizards Menu

For some reason I’m missing items in my Wizards menu. If I look in the Wizards folder they all seem to be there, but they don’t all show up in the Wizards menu when I open Pan 6. For example the “Documentation” folder is in the Wizards folder but doesn’t show up in the menu. I can launch them from the Wizards folder and they work just fine. I just don’t know why they disappeared from the menu. Any ideas how to get them all back?

That’s a preference setting. Those aren’t normally included, because they are available from other menus, but you still have the option to include them.

Choose Preferences from the Panorama menu, then click the general preferences panel, and then check the box to include built in wizards in the Wizards menu.

Thanks Dave. I knew I saw that somewhere but I just could not remember where to find it. Still not sure how it got unchecked in the first place. Back to normal again.