Missing form window

Today I modified a form, and the window went missing. The Form shows up in the Window menu list, and it also shows up in the list of windows under PanoramaX >> Memory Usage, but I can’t seem to open it. Are there any other secrets or tricks to retrieve a form in hiding?

I’m not sure how you did it, but it sounds like the window is off the edge of the screen. Did you have a second monitor that isn’t there any more?

You should be able to get it back by writing a short program:

window "DatabaseName:FormName"
zoomwindow 30, 30, 500, 500

You could also choose “Arrange in Front” from the Window menu to have all the open windows rearranged in view on your screen.

My Window menu has a Bring all to Front command, but no Arrange in Front command. I don’t know of an Arrange in Front command, and I don’t think Bring all to Front will help unless the window is hidden behind a window of another application. But in that case simply choosing the window name in the Window menu should make it visible.

Pressing the option key changes Bring All to Front to Arrange in Front.

On my M1 iMac Monterey 12.6 I have the following in the Window menu:

If I hold down the Option key I have this:

On my older MacBook Pro Catallina 10.15.7 I have many fewer choices in the Window menu. I guess your milage will vary depending upon the system version you are running.

This happens on my computer as well. And running the Arrange in Front command appears to move all windows to a visible position, so it should work to retrieve a window that has moved off the screen. I say should because this is an Apple command, it is not part of Panorama’s code.