Missing Data Sheet weirdness

I have two databases: “clients” and “sessions”.
The clients database has an .initialize procedure that includes
opendatabase “sessions”

This has been working with no known problems for several months. Recently, however, if I open “clients”, it opens a window for the “clients” Data Sheet and a window each of it’s associated reports, forms etc. These associated reports/forms appear as expected in the “Window” menu.

It also opens the associated files for “sessions” with one exception: a Data Sheet window for “sessions” does not seem to be open and it does not appear in the “Window” menu.

If I click on “Open View”, I can see (and open) the “sessions” Data Sheet. . .but this step should not be necessary.

Any idea what may have gone wrong here?

When you open a database, it should open with the same windows, in the same positions they were in the last time the database was saved. Apparently, that data sheet was closed the last time you saved that database.

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Dale S. Ryan
Affiliate Associate Professor of Recovery Ministry
Fuller Theological Seminary