Miscellaneous Server Things

Hi Jim,

Our server crashed today. I was probably the only person connected. I have no idea what was cause. But it led me to two questions.

Following the crash, I got the standard post-crash message with a button offering to restart the server. Is this good to use? Or does the server need to be started from the Preference window of PanX (which has been my practice)?

I have noticed in the log the it records when a record is locked, but not when a record is unlocked? Have you thought about logging the unlocking also? Since we have been working on the unlocking issue, it might be interesting to see that.

Hope you have a nice Thanksgiving! We are staying home as the US gets more and more infections, even in my area where it seems like there is a high degree of mask wearing, at least at Whole Foods and Home Depot. I am dropping Home Depot from my list of approved destinations. We have more daily new infections now than we did at the peak in late April so we know there are thousands of undiagnosed people walking around.

I usually start it from the Preference window. But I think the button is probably ok also.

Are you talking about the server log? Do you see messages mentioning “commit”? That is actually the terminology used, rather than “unlock”. When done editing, the changes that were made are committed to the server, and the record is unlocked as part of that process.

Ok, yes, I looked it up, you should see messages that say Commit data modification to record NNN of database DATABASENAME

My wife and I have not even been to a grocery store since February. We get all our groceries delivered. Mostly only go to medical related destinations, and even most of those have been virtual. Did have to get the car worked on, and a smog check. But we very rarely leave the house. Lynn and I had a nice dinner by ourselves tonight. She is an excellent cook, so I am fortunate about that.