Misaligned Toolbar Symbols

Still (like in the last release version) I am watching an alignment issue in the toolbar of all kinds of windows: data sheet, forms, procedures (MBP under MacOS 10.15.4). Some of the icons are significantly placed higher than some others (that seem to be placed correctly), some seem to be cut off at the upper end (e.g. the Graphics Mode icon in form windows, the Run and Step icons in procedure windows.

In the data sheet toolbar, the Duplicate, Sort, Morph and Auto Width symbols seems to be placed correctly; all the other symbols are sitting too high, with a bigger distance between icon and text.

I append some screenshots.

This does not happen on any of my systems running on 10.12, 10.13, or 10.14. At the moment I do not have access to a computer running 10.15. I am kind of surprised that no one else has reported this, I would appreciate hearing from other 10.15 users. In any case, I have added it to the bug list.

I see the same thing on OS 10.15.4.

Ok, good to know, so it’s a 10.15 problem. I wonder what they changed, and why it is affecting some icons and not others. Hmm, it looks like it might be only affecting the icons in the custom font that I built for Panorama, and not affecting icons built with the Font Awesome font. Here are the icons in Panorama’s custom font, from what I can tell from your screen shots these are the only icons that are affected, icons not on this list are ok.

Does this problem also show up when using Panorama X 10.1? I did make a change to these custom icons in 10.2, adding new icons for copy and paste record. Maybe that messed up the font somehow? Weird that it would still work in 10.4 and earlier though.

Yes, it does.