Migration Issue

Good evening,

The hard drive on my iMac crashed so I have re-installed Pan X on a new iMac using the .zip file on provue.com and I have validated the install with my credentials.

Everything seems to be working except the following:

Under the sum menu, section “Summarize & Analyze”, I have a saved routine that is to work with just the set of data that I have selected (for example, all entries for Feb 2022). This worked fine before but now when I run the routine it gives the totals for my entire database.

Thank for you words of wisdom, as always, on how to fix this.

It sounds like all your preference settings were erased in the crash. The default preference setting is to always perform analysis on all records, not just selected records. You can change this in the Preferences dialog.


For future reference, Panorama X 10.2 now allows you to export all of your preferences as a link. Usually this is to make it easy to transfer preferences to another computer, but you can also use this as a backup technique for your preferences.

So once you get your preferences set up the way you like, you can export a link. Save that link, then if you ever need to restore the preference just click on the link to restore all of your preferences.

That was indeed the problem.
Thank you very much.