Migrating Panorama X Server


I’ve been running Panorama X server on a cloud-based virtual Mac, and up until now it’s been working quite well.

I’ve decided to move Pano X Server to a dedicated Mac in the cloud.

What I need to do is be able to move Pano X Server from the old Mac to the new one without disrupting client usage of Panorama.

Preferably, it would be a seamless move for the clients … in other words, they just open their DBs as they normally do and continue working. (No re-downloading databases and no re-configuring their client <-> server setup)

Is this possible?
If so, what are the steps involved to accomplish this?
Does the IP address need to remain the same?
Or is it sufficient to simply update the DNS name to point to the new IP address?

Note: I should be able to transfer the IP address of the server from the old Mac to the new one, should that be necessary.


– Mark

That should be sufficient.

Ok, that’s great.

What’s the approved/recommended way of getting the current copies of the databases from the old server to the new one?

  • Copy them from the old “~/Library/Application Support/PanoramaX/Server/Public Databases/” folder?
  • Create a “down time” when no one is using the databases, and download them from the old server and then upload them to the new server, using my local/client PanoramaX
  • Something else entirely … :slightly_smiling_face:


Copying from the public databases folder should work.

You’ll still need some downtime, you wouldn’t want to do this while anyone was using the databases. I would shut the old server down, transfer the files, then start the new server up. Of course you’ll need a much longer delay while you wait for the DNS system to update.

Great. I was hoping it might be that easy.

  • Do I copy just the database files? (*.panserverdb)
  • Or do I need to copy the “*.panpartialdb” folder/bundle as well?
  • Once the files are copied, just launch PanoX and start the server and it should find those files?

Oh, downtime is ok. I just don’t want the clients to have to update stuff locally for this.

Yeah … either DNS update, or move the IP address to the new Mac.


There aren’t supposed to be any .panpartialdb files in that folder. Those are temporary files. You must have had an upload or download that failed partway thru so Panorama didn’t get to delete them. You should be able to delete them, you certainly don’t need to copy them to a new computer.


:+1: :heavy_check_mark:

Just want to close the loop here.

Server Migration Steps

  1. Ensure no one else is using the system
  2. Quit the currently running Panorama X server
  3. Navigate to ~/Library/Application Support/PanoramaX/Server
  4. Bundle up the folder “Public Databases” – I use tar … but, anything works, like zip/compress
  5. Copy the “bundled” databases from the old server computer to the new one
  6. [At this point, the DNS name pointing to the old computer can be modified to point to the new computer. This allows the DNS name propagation to begin trickling out to the rest of the world]
  7. “Un-bundle” the files into the same location on the new computer
  8. Fire up Panorama X on the new computer and setup the “server” information, make sure the Panorama Server name of on the new computer is the same as it was on the old computer, and then set the “domain” name to be same as it used to be on the old computer.
  9. Say a prayer, start the server … count to 10 (well, counting is not strictly necessary :wink: )
  10. On a client computer, open one of the shared databases, and it should just connect right up to the new server.

Tah-dah. Easy-peasy. :slightly_smiling_face:

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