Mexican Restaurant - Panorama Classic to X

A mexican restaurant demo program was created in Panorama Classic. Food orders and menu was two data files associated with the demo. How was the menu linked to the food orders. I have customized this pair of files and it has been great. I have switched to X and the files did not convert to X in anyway.

I created this program over 20 years ago for a good friend that owned a Mexican restaurant (you can tell how old it is by the prices). After watching her struggle many time doing receipts by hand, I quickly put together this little app. Unfortunately, I never could convince her to get a computer, and she has since passed away. I’m glad to hear someone else has gotten use from this database. (The restaurant is still there, owned by one of her cousins, with the same menu but higher prices – and they did get a cash register. I still eat there a couple of times a year.)

For starters, have you read this help page?

If the files are not opening at all, that is because you didn’t add .pan to the end of the name. You must add .pan to the end of any older Panorama database or Panorama X can’t open it. So instead of Food Orders and Menus, the files must be named Food Orders.pan and Menus.pan. (If you haven’t done so already, I recommend turning on the Show All Filename Extension* option in the Advanced panel of Finder preferences, so you can see what the extensions are. I leave this option on permanently.)

You also must make sure that the file has been saved using Panorama 6, not 5.5 or an earlier version. Since you’ve been using this database recently that is probably fine, but if anyone else tries this, the Mexican restaurant demo included with Panorama 6 was last saved in 2004, so probably with Panorama 4. So if anyone else wants to try this, you first have to open the database in Panorama 6 and save it, to make sure it is in the latest format.

Once I had taken those two steps the database would open in Panorama X.

There was one additional significant problem, this database uses the textdisplay( function, and that function has changed format. So the formula had to be reworked. See Transitioning from Older Versions of Panorama on this help page:

Fortunately there is just one formula using this function in the database. I went into graphics mode, made the adjustment needed to the formula, and voila! it works in Panorama X!

You would be amazed how well that template has worked for me over the years! Thank you for taking time from your day to assist me. I love the classic and am enjoying learning Panorama X. Sincerely, Scott

Jim, would it be worthwhile to upload the Pano X version of the Restaurant file to the Database Exchange?

Hi… I was too shy to beg. Thanks.

Perhaps in the future, but I just don’t have time for that right now. I’m trying to put 100% of my effort into getting Panorama X Server into customer hands. I know some of you are desperately waiting for it.