Merry Christmas! Panorama X 10.2.0 b36 Build 4425 Release Notes

Merry Christmas! Tonight Santa is leaving a new version of Panorama X :gift: under the tree :christmas_tree:. This release includes about a dozen bug fixes, including several fixes to the New Sharing Generation feature.

  • Uploading a New Generation now defaults to Non-Critical unless you check the Field Arrangement and Data Types option.
  • When uploading a new generation, the Upload Complete notification now shows the database name.
  • Panorama no longer allows security options to be changed if the database is currently shared on a server. (This never worked before, and now attempts to change security options will be ignored.)
  • Uploading a non-critical new sharing generation now works even if components of the database are encrypted.
  • Panorama now prevents you from uploading a database to a server if the database is locked to a different Panorama account than the server is using. A locked database can only be shared if the server is running with the same Panorama account as the clients.
  • Remote Clairvoyance again works correctly when a source key formula is specified rather than just a field name (it was broken in the b34 and b35 releases).
  • The Database Options>Relations Test Keys button now works even if the key is a line item field.
  • Third party channels can now be installed in the PanoramaX/Channels subfolder of the application support folder.
  • The Channels preference panel now displays options correctly.
  • Passing / as a folder destination to printtopdf no longer causes Panorama to hang. This problem most likely also affected other statements that are passed a destination path.
  • The Site License window now disables the Purchase button after a purchase is made, reducing the chance of a duplicate purchase. The button can be re-enabled by switching to a different panel and then back to the Payment panel.
  • Documentation corrections from Chris Watts, Peter Newble, James Cook, Thomas Cooper, Robert Ameeti, Paul Overby, David Scott.

Pleased by what I see on the list. This is some good polish.

A question about the last update though, the notes say that the Server logs can be viewed in real time from a remote computer, within Panorama. I’ve looked for it several times, but I can’t find how this is accomplished.

It looks like I neglected to document this. :cry:

TLDR; - Open the Server Admin wizard, click on the icon for the server you are interested in and choose View Server Logs.

viewed in real time

In the Server Log window, click on the cloud icon and use the pop-up menu to choose how often the “real time” display updates. Keep in mind that it is actually sending a message to the server each time. Or, you can set it to Never and just manually download when you need to.

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Hopefully that quick description will be enough to get you going.

More than enough. Thanks, that was what I was looking for and now I have it.