Meaningless error message

In Pan 6, I could use Floating Edit in a View as List form where the procedures stopped to allow data entry then continue and have the procedure do some calculations. The procedure then goes to the next field for data entry and calculations for a total of four fields. I Pan X, I am using a single record form and the Edit Field statement. When end the procedure with the Edit Field, it works. If I ad a NOP statement and the next Edit Field, the procedure skips the editing of the first field and gives this error message " objectinfoarray( function can only be used in a form window.". I have never used that function and I am in a form window so what is going on?

This is required. You can’t chain together multiple editfield statements, it HAS to be the last statement.

Sounds like you have a form with 4 fields. The user should just tab to get to the next field, that is the proper way to do this in macOS.