Matrix Object with Pass Thru

Hello, I am setting up a Matrix Object with Content Data set to an open database and Pass Thru Checked. According to the PDF document “260 Text Lists & Matrixes.pdf” I should be able to reference fields from the database directly in my matrix frame objects Text Display Object and leave the formula for the matrix empty. I can’t seem to get this to work. The Text Display Object will show “Field or Variable [MyField] does not exist”. What am I missing?

I can make that work if the matrix is in the same database it is displaying, but if it’s in a different database, I need to use a formula for the matrix, and info("matrixcelldata") in the formula for the text display object.

I’ve set up a bug report.

However, this may be very difficult to resolve because the problem is in the Text Display option which has no way of knowing that the PassThru option is being used, so I may wind up just disabling the PassThru option for anything other than the current database.

That seems to be what works for me as well Dave.