Matrix not updating Text Editor Object with related() data

I have a matrix object containing image display objects and several Text Editor Objects which looks like this:

Two of the text editor objects display related data, using a formula like this:


I noticed than whenever I use a related() function in a matrix, that object needs to be the front most object, otherwise, any other object using formulas to display values is not updated in the matrix.

Of course, the real problem is when I have two or more TEOs with related() functions, as only one of the can be the front most. The screenshot above incorrectly displays the same quantity for all the lines.

Grouping them to make them both the front most didn’t work. It seems that the matrix can’t display grouped objects. Is this a known bug? I couldn’t find any reference to this problem.

My workaround is to use lookup() instead of related().

I’m still experiencing this issue. The related function doesn’t work consistently in matrix or text list objects.

I have to confess, I really couldn’t make any sense out of this report when you originally posted it, so I was waiting to see if anyone else confirmed.

Rereading it today, I think I may have decoded it. You didn’t explicitly state it, but you must be using the Database Navigator option on your Matrix and Text List objects. I didn’t understand that on first read, but it makes more sense now that I’ve figured that out.

I was also confused by your use of Text Editor objects. I would usually use a Text Display object in this application. Of course a Text Editor can be used with a formula much like a Text Display object, so I guess that is what you are doing.

I don’t think this is correct. I think the related( function simply doesn’t work at all in situations where the database is scanned, such as in a matrix, text list, or using the arraybuild( function.

This isn’t a simple fix but it should be possible to fix. I have added it to the bug list.

My bad, they are actually Text Display Objects, not TEOs.

It kind of partially does, in my example, the column with the description of the part is using the related function, which correctly displays the description of the part, however the next column to the right, also using related(), does not display the Quantity in stock for each part.

None of this is critical, as lookup works as a workaround.

Hmm, I don’t see how it could ever have worked.

I think I have fixed the problem, but I need to do more testing to make sure.

FYI, the performance of lookup( will be the same as related(. So for this application, using related( would be convenient, but as you say, not critical. Still, this definitely should work.