Matrix List Selection

Is it possible to have a random selection of items (cells) in a single column matrix similar to the ability to CMD-click random records? I have tried to do this with a set up of:
Matrix Object; Procedure: matrix click; 1 column; fixed height; Selected Value= targetSelect; Database= ~; Pass Thru checked; Database Navigator unchecked; Allow Multiple Cells checked; Allow Empty checked; Hilite Selected Cells checked. Also have a TDO with a formula: targetSelect. When the form is loaded there are no items selected. As soon as I click anywhere in the Matrix Object all of the records are shown to be selected (highlighted in blue) and none of the selected items can be unselected. Also the TDO is blank.

What ability to CMD-click random records? Panorama doesn’t allow that.

In any case, I think that selecting multiple cells probably doesn’t work with the Pass Thru option.

from Panorama Help➜Text List Object➜Text List Selection.

In that example, the Text List is not displaying database records. It is displaying a list of items generated by a formula.

In fact, the Text List object does not even have a “pass thru” option like the Matrix object does.

I believe that if you generate the list to be displayed in the Matrix with a formula, you’ll be able to use the Command-Click option. But if the Matrix is tied to the database, that option won’t work.