Matrix click not working

What would cause matrixclick not to work?

I have a matrix with “matrixclick” code entered in Procedure panel. I have a matrix frame with 3 different objects. A TDO, a TDO rich text with the code "message “it worked” and one more text display object that call a different procedure. None of these work. I have used this before with success, for some reason, probably simple, it just refuses to cooperate tonight.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

I have created a new database and a new form, followed the instructions in the help file and still not working. Maybe I am missing something really easy, I have done this many times before. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

I know you have access to the training videos from 2015/2016, which also details how to do it. Did you review that?

I just tried this with a calendar matrix. The text display object that shows the date had the code

message "It worked"

The matrix itself had the code


When I put the form in data mode and clicked the matrix, nothing happened. After opening the MATRIXCLICK procedure, to see if I could find the problem, it started working. It continued to work after closing the procedure window.

I then quit Panorama X, and trashed it. Then I unzipped a fresh copy of the application, and tried again with the same database. Results were the same. At first clicking the matrix did nothing. Opening the MATRIXCLICK procedure, and closing without making any modifications, caused it to start working for the remainder of the session. If I quit Panorama, I needed to repeat the process to make it start working again.

Further information. Right before the line in MATRIXCLICK that reads

if oid = 0 rtn endif

I added the line

message oid

I saved and quit. When I tried the experiment again, the message was 0 before opening the procedure, and 9 after opening it. It looks like the problem is with info("matrixclickedobjectid")

Hi Dave,

So, a bug? Is there a work around?


If your situation allows you to recapitulate your matrix frame objects code into the matrix procedure, this alternative technique for capturing matrix item clicks works:

IF info("matrixclickedobject") CONTAINS "<an object name>"
	{code for first object here}
ELSEIF info("matrixclickedobject") CONTAINS "<another object name>"
	{code for next object here, etc}

I created a matrix with the List/Matrix constructor, added a couple of objects with code and it worked fine immediately, no problems whatsoever. So whatever your problem is Steve, it is not a general problem with this feature. Also, this feature is used by a bunch of dialogs and wizards that come standard with Panorama that are used all the time.