Many glitches should I switch to High Sierra?

I have been dealing with lots of random glitches that I don’t really find in the forum so I’m sure it has to do with my system. I have had a few times where after programming Pan X crashes and then the file is corrupted and won’t open and I have to go back to an earlier saved version of the database and start over. I am running MacOS Sierra 10.12.6 and I’m trying to decide if some of the problems might be worked out if I move up to High Sierra or will that be more problematic. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Pan X each time the file corruption has happened but it has not really seemed to help. There is no commonalities to the issues except that it is after programming for over an hour. Does anybody think High Sierra would help?


I have used Panorama X in Sierra and High Sierra, seems to work about the same in both versions. However, before going to High Sierra, I would try to fix Sierra. You can download the Sierra combo updater ( Sometimes this will fix problems in the macOS. Also, you should try restarting into “Safe Boot” mode to clear caches. You do this by holding down the “Shift Key” at the startup chime until you see the progress bar. Then you have to login to the Mac, then do a “normal” Restart. If you have tried these things already, then please disregard, but if you have not these two steps are easy to do.


Thank you Doug. I will try those tonight!!

Brandy Archie
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