Manually terminate a procedure

I cannot find in the documentation the keystroke combination to terminate a running procedure.

The combination is Shift-Command-Escape. It only applies to procedures that are looping.

See Preventing Endless Loops in the Help file.

Much thanks

Command Period has always worked to stop both procedures and printing. If you stop a procedure that has altered your data as often happens when running reports, you can accidentally save and lose your original data.

This statement is true for older versions of Panorama, but is not true for Panorama X. In Panorama X, pressing Command Period doesn’t do anything, you have to use Shift-Command-Escape, as Dave described above.

This wouldn’t be true in Panorama X. Even if you pressed Shift-Command-Escape, that only stops loops, it doesn’t stop normal sequential code. And the only way to stop printing is to use Apple’s Print application, which will not stop your code.