Making results of info function into records in 2nd DB

I want to build a DB whose records are the names of the fields of another DB. I know I can get a list of those fields with an info(“Fields”) formula; how do I import that list as records in a second DB? I could save the formula results as a text file and import that, I suppose, but that seems like it is extra unnecessary steps.

From the second database use the dbinfo("fields","firstdatabase") to get the list of fields directly.

importtext dbinfo("fields","first database") will append new records for each first database field name into the first field of the second database, in one step.

Alternatively, using the available options help lists for the importtext statement, you could replace any pre-existing records of the second database with these new records instead of appending them. Or you could import your field names into some field of the second database other than the first one.