Making Panorama windows active, instead of finder

I have a drag receiver in a Panorama window. When I drag a file from a Finder window to the drag receiver, I want the Panorama windows to come to the front and become active. I tried using this command,

sendaction "arrangeInFront:"

but nothing happens in response. (I am not supposed to ask Jim questions about sendaction, so he can ignore this message!)

Any suggestions on how to accomplish this?

I’d expect that AppleScript is the only way you’re going to accomplish that. You can insert it into your drop procedure.

applescript |||
tell application “PanoramaX”
end tell

A message in your drop procedure also activates Panorama but that’s not necessarily desirable.

Thank you for that suggestion, but it is not doing what I had hoped. With a finder window partially on top of the Panorama window, I can drag a file to the drag receiver. The drag receiver procedures runs even though the Finder window remains active. The Applescript command does not make the Panorama window active.

My purpose in doing this is to manage the Panorama windows, and my attempts to do that do not work correctly when the Finder window in active, although they do work correctly if I start with the Panorama window active and partially blocking the Finder window. I may need a procedure that is going to work in an acceptable way regardless of which window is active at the outset.

You might replace the smart quotes around PanoramaX with simple quotes and try it again.

Trying with straight quotes did not make any difference.