Making equivalent of clairvoyance from Pan 6 in Pan x

With the window for select open I can select in an almost infinite number of ways.

But I want to create a procedure that will offer me the equivalent of clairvoyance in Pan X. That is, search all fields for a certain criteria.

For example, search all fields for “Panorama”. But I want the flexibility of keying the search text when executed. I don’t want a Hard Wired Procedure. That I can do.

I have tried using the recorder but I am somewhat stuck.

Thanks. Sorry for such a plebeian question.

The exportline() function gives a tab separated array of every field in a record, so searching that is equivalent to searching every field at once, eg.

Select exportline() contains "Panorama"

You could have a dialog input a search string to a variable, yourSearch, potentially preloaded with a generic starting string, then execute that, eg

Execute yourSearch

Or depending on your needs you may be able to actually use clairvoyance. It can again be used on the contents of other databases, somewhat similar to Pan6. Check out Help under “Linking with Another Database”

Many thanks John.

I will try it out.

Worked like a charm!


Local LMySearch

Gettext “What Text are you searching for that is CONTAINED in ANY FIELD”,LMySearch

Select exportline() contains LMySearch

Call .RecordsCount

Thanks again.