Making an Integer field empty

I have a procedure that duplicates a record. I want to make sure an integer field in the new record is empty. But I am getting a zero instead of empty when I make an assignment, like this:

[newfield] = ""

Other methods give the same result, such as assign( or assign field(.

But if I select the new record only, and use formulafill, I get an empty field, like this:

field [newfield]
formulafill ""

I would prefer to have a more direct assignment method. Does anyone know how to do this?

Use clearcell.


[newfield] = zeroblank(0)

Thank you both.

Did you consider using the duplicaterecord command?

If you need a version of this that is customized, here is the code that duplicates the record. You could customize as needed. This would eliminate the need to assign each field individually.

if info("summary")>0
    // beep
    nsnotify "Cannot duplicate record","TEXT","Summary records cannot be duplicated."
let r = exportline()
importline r