Make a Text List object not be active?

My Ledger Card form uses a Text List to display transactions for a patient account. When I click on a line, a popup window shows the options available for that record via buttons. When I either cancel and close the popup or perform a task on that record, when I get back to the Ledger Card, the Text List is active - it has a focus ring around it and the record is now highlighted in color.

I want to programmatically make the Text List not be active. Have tried as many commands as I know, but the basics like CloseActiveObject don’t affect it. The problem is if I use the cursor arrows to move to another record, it runs the code and opens the popup for each new record that is moved to, which isn’t the point. I also want the list to go back to showing the active record highlighted in grey, not bright blue.

Any help would be appreciated. I’m sure there’s a command for that, but it’s eluding me

This is not possible in the current version of Panorama X. However, in the upcoming b31 version you will be able to use CloseActiveObject to do this.

Thanks for adding this capability, Jim.