MagicWindow & MagicFormWindow not working with some info( functions

Using this code I can not get either of the two MagicWindow statements to return a proper value for some info( functions for the targeted database window.

magicformwindow "Tester","Test Form"
magicwindow ""
message x
message y
window "Tester:Test Form"
message info("windowvariables")```

In this code `message x` returns "Tester:Test Form" which is the correct targeted window name. The `message y` returns an empty string but going directly to the actual form and using the same `info("windowvariables")` shows the two `windowglobal` variables associated with that window. Using `info("filevariables")` instead of `info("windowvariables")` in the same code, `message y`  returns the variables from the originating database and not the database targeted with the `MagicWindow` command.

Posted to Bitbucket as issue #577.