MacOS 11.0.1 Big Sur and PanoramaX

I installed OS 11.01.1 today. Everything I have tried in PanoramaX so far is working, but there are a few changes in dialogs, objects, and windows that are slightly different and in two instances require some tweaking to the PanX objects or windows.
Standard windows are more rounded with different font in the title bar. In at least one of my windows, the lowest object was cut off and I had to add 10 pixels to the window to show what had been visible before. That could require some tweaking of databases to avoid some unsightly looks.
Alertsheets no longer appear to slide down from the menubar. Instead, they just appear on top of the window, possibly they are being centered. Buttons are laid out differently, while in an alert sheet with four buttons they would be aligned side-by-side, now they are stacked. (Two buttons are still side by side.)

The PanoramaX icon is even more prominent and led me to wonder if there is a way to customize it. Gary? Jim?

TextList objects have a distinct problem when using display header. The headers are truncated, with an ellipsis at the end, requiring the text list column width to be increased. That’s going to require a lot of time to make adjustments.

That is all that I have noticed so far.

Additional report: Printing of Image Display or Web Browser objects has in Big Sur the same issue as in Mojave and Catalina before.

The exception: I have a member list with thumbnail pictures (48*48 px), set to “Scale to Fit”, and I am using pictures prescaled in a Photo Editing app; so they already have the correct proportions. This list is printing well in all three macOS versions (Mojave, Catalina, Big Sur).

Nope. That is entirely Apple’s call.

Again, that is entirely Apple’s call. Maybe they’ll fix it eventually, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. You didn’t mention it, but I would think the same thing would happen in the Data Sheet. Text Lists and the data sheet both use the same Apple API.

I can’t confirm the Text List header issue. The headers are looking normal here. I think this is a matter of column width settings. The Text List object in my screenshot is set to “Resizable Columns”.

The biggest thing I’m seeing is the transparency that has been added to numerous objects causes layered objects to sometimes have an unintended look.

The text is all smaller too so there may be some tweaking to get it all repositioned as intended.

Otherwise, Pan X seems to be running just fine.

James, I think you can deactivate this macOS feature (colorisation of window backgrounds) in System Preferences > General.

With macOS going to version 11, might we be getting the next major version with Team Server being announced as Panorama XI ?

I haven’t found such an option in the OS preferences.

One example of where I’m running into the transparency issue is on Tab Panel Buttons. In all Style settings except for Small Square, the outline of the panel shows through the buttons.

James, this is the macOS setting …

… but it seems to affect Finder windows only.

At the moment, I see two options to avoid what you are seeing:

  1. Set the Stroke of the Tab Panel object to “None” or
  2. Set the Opacity of the Tab Panel object to “0 %”. (I have not tested if this would hide the object’s content, too.)

But the buttons of the Tab Panel object remain transparent:

Thanks Kurt. The opacity of the Tab Panel is the only thing that has any influence that I can find. And my OS doesn’t have a hintergrund setting. :wink: But the wallpaper opacity doesn’t seem to have any influence that I can see.

I’m not terribly concerned about it, other than mostly trying to share observations about OS 11 and Pan X.

Are you using system fonts? I’m curious to see if they need to be tweaked or they too need to be repositioned.

I use a lot of system fonts and for the most part everything looks ok

The rundialog statement Sheet option works differently with Big Sur. When Sheet was set to True, the dialog window, before Big Sur, would appear as a sheet attached to the current window instead of a standalone modal dialog. With the advent of MacOS 11.0.1, the dialog floats centered above the current window, which is darkened. The dialog, with sheet=true, has no title bar, and hence no full screen (green) button.

Looks just like the AlertSheet shown above.

Yep, Apple has decided that this is now “the way”.

I think nsnotify is not working; nothing happens in response. Not sure if this is a Big Sur issue or something else. Is anyone else seeing this?

It’s working for me. High Sierra 10.13.6

I am using it every day under Big Sur.

Make sure in the System Preferences that you have allowed Panorama X to send Notifications.

Thanks Kurt. That was it. Another item for the Big Sur installation checklist.

Are you experiencing system crashes. I am constantly!

Very few crashes, mostly when I make some mistakes in my procedures.